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Vintage Perfumes For Sale. The photo, though, shows a sort of squiggly line which I had thought was just another scratch in the glass which might actually be the leftover remainder of a Baccarat symbol etched into the glass. The Shalimar bat bottles are Baccarat and you can see how they gleam in the light. Baccarat crystal, such as glassware, typically has a pattern name that may be easy to forget if you do not have the original packaging the crystal came in.

Crystal collector books full of images may also help you determine whether the piece is authentic. None of this would be possible without your guide. Old labels turn brown naturally, however, water and perfume can cause stains on labels over the years.

One thing I have to say before I finish, I think you got a great bottle. It should cut through all the flotsam and dreck. My own bottle, just acquired today. And they rarely had much information about the bottle beyond, perhaps, its measurement in inches. The first type seems to be the most frequent, online dating site a purple flocked velvet box.

Baccarat Perfume Bottles

  • Thank you so much for this exhaustive and invaluable piece of research.
  • The more images and the greater the detail that you see, the more certain you can be that the pattern name is correct.
  • However, there are some basic guidelines to make things much simpler.
  • You know what the kicker is?

Thank you for bringing this point or possibility to my attention. Hi all, my compliments for these wonderful pictures! There is a market for factices so if you think of selling it I would suggest going in that direction. One might not know if a bottle with a glass stopper is an Avion one or not. Have a lovely weekend, speed dating berlin senioren and welcome again to the blog.

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How to Identify Baccarat Crystal

Baccarat Perfume Bottle

Wow this is great info, thank you. It should be a mix of letters and numbers, and it will give you the actual date of the perfume. Do you like the scent of the one you bought? This bottle with the clear stopper is a bottle of Eau de Toilette Splash.

Will you let me know how you fare, either during your hunt or once you find a bottle? The more I wore it, the more I wanted to explore the scent across time. Figuring out the height-size connection from the listings requires working backwards. It's proved to be very enlightening and helpful. None of the Baccarat information on her list comes with a date.

At least, I hope that is how it was for you, too. Ahhhh I have realized a years-long dream. To me, the latter gleams in the light. The box was slightly different in the fact that instead of laying down inside the box, the bottle would stand up snugly inside a small plinth, we are not dating but in which the box lid would slip over making a cover.

Could that be an indicator of age? Simply knowing when your perfume first came out can be a huge help. Impressive longevity, incensy, light leather, great throw. The sticker on the side is blue and gold and in excellent shape. If you are able to get the picture of the base from the link, you will now have the elusive Cristal Romesnil acid etched logo photo.

For me, at the end of the day, age and its impact on the scent will always be more important than packaging. We all survived this monster post and the Shalimar marathon! Is there a way I can send a picture? Batch codes are often found either stamped on the glass or the label. Dear Andre, you and Elena are fantastic, a truly invaluable resource to the entire perfume community.

Glass Price Guide

Thank you for the kind words on the guide, but also for alerting us to the situation with the Raiders page and its subsequent return. Does it have one word on it, or more? We adore this blog and This information is very good. It would be a ballpark estimate and far from certain or specific, but even knowing that a bottle was a s to s one could be useful.

It's one of the few classic Guerlain bottles that has contained just one fragrance, as Guerlain had a habit of reusing its bottles for different perfumes until Jean-Paul Guerlain took over as nose. Prior to this, they were acid etched, stamped and some had round paper labels, while many have no distinguishing marks. This was great and very helpful.

Baccarat Perfume Bottles

Search a replacement-crystal website that has an image gallery until you find a pattern that resembles yours. Nice article thank you for sharing valuable information. That goes for a s bottle just as much as a s one, by the way!

Angelaira s Vintage Perfumes Guide to Vintage Shalimar

Cleopatra s Boudoir How to Date Your Perfume Bottle

What is the price differential between the two? The third one, the seller with the leather case, repeated what I already knew myself. That is unquestionably an Avion bottle. Vintage Shalimar can become quite an obsession, at least it did for me in terms of hunting out older bouquets. Mind if I ask how much you got it for?

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So, all I can tell you is that the box indicates the perfume is from somewhere between and the early s. Old glass bottles might have etched matching numbers on the base of the perfume bottle and on the bottom of the stopper. There were three different packaging formats for the Umbrella bottles. Be that as it may, website at least the height measurements can give you a general idea of when your bottle was produced. Old ladies and turkey are no laughing matter.

Art Nouveau Tiffany Favrile Agate Perfume Bottle by Tiffany Studios

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Hi Grace, thank you so much for all the effort you put into your website. Goldtone metal screw caps were in use from s onward. You can see that the words seem to be cut into the glass, and that each one has a relative depth.

French Deco Sterling Silver & Glass Traveling Perfume Bottle and Funnel
Vintage baccarat perfume bottle

Please keep updating this blog, it's been too long. Since the time I originally listed it, I have learned so much more about Guerlain Vintage. Do you have a vintage perfume and need help in figuring out how old it may be?

  1. When I started with perfumes around three years ago, I tried so hard to put one and one together.
  2. The stopper was not inside the bottle itself but was inside a tiny cardboard box which was included in the presentation box.
  3. My first search has been a total disaster, with lots of Parfum Imitial and huge amounts of vintage advertisements.
  4. The situation with Cristal Romesnil and Pochet et du Courval is interesting.

The stopper is lovely, grooved, frosted glass. Lalique in block lettering. In contrast, old Emeraude just knocks me out.

Another thing to look at is the colour of the velvet boxes themselves. There was such an indescribable euphoria, such giddiness, such an overwhelming feeling that it practically swept over my brain and body, impacting my nose. This photo is of the later clamshell style box. They were the same thing in terms of concentration. Ultimately, though, the only real thing that makes an Avion bottle stand out is its rarity and, in my opinion, none of that matters as much as what the fragrance smells like.

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